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Mr. Du Zhongming Visits the United States to conduct technical exchanges on market mechanism of improving flexibility in power systems

In accordance to the annual work plan of China Thermal Power Transition program, Mr.Huang Xuelong, Director General of the Electric Power Department of the National Energy Administration (NEA), led a delegation to the United States to conduct discussions with a number of U.S. agencies on the market mechanism of improving flexibility in power systems from October 29th to November 2nd. Mr. Du Zhongming, Vice President of EPPEI was invited to attend this event.



The delegation had a symposiums with California ISO, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the California Energy Commission on flexibility of power system. The delegation also visited the Dispatching Control Center of California Power Grid, the Electricity Market Trading Center and the California Public Utilities Commission located in San Francisco to get a full understanding of the mechanism and experience of California in power planning, construction and market operation.


It provided an opportunity for the delegation grasping the latest development of enhancing the reliability and safety of power systems and promoting the green transformation of power system in US, and sharing China's practices in enhancing the flexibility of power systems meanwhile through extensive exchanges with international counterparts, which further promotes the international influence of EPPEI and plays a positive role in formulating industrial policies and designing market rules in line with the national energy authorities.


Staff from Power System Planning& Research Department also attended these activities.

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