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Mr. Xu Xiaodong Visits Philippines to Conduct China-Philippines Energy Cooperation Planning and Power Generation Demonstration Project

With an invitation from the Department of Energy of Philippines, Mr. Xu Xiaodong, Vice President of Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI), led the EPPEI delegation visit Philippines to promote China-Philippines Energy Cooperation and power generation demonstration projects from November 1st to 5th. Mr. Li Xilai, the Chief Engineer of EPPEI also participated the event.



During the visit, Mr. Posadas, Under-secretary of the Department of Energy in Philippines, and Mr. Erguiza, Assist-secretary of the Department of Energy in Philippines extended warm welcome to the Chinese delegation and held a meeting, on which Mr. Posadas introduced current situation and future plan of Philippine power industry. He also expressed their will to further cooperate with China in the field of energy and power and promote the energy cooperation and demonstration projects. Mr. Xu Xiaodong expressed gratitude to the Philippines for their support and gave an brief introduction of EPPEI and the work plan of the cooperation planning and demonstration projects. He also promised to put forward relevant work in accordance with demand of Philippines.


The delegation also conducted in-depth technical exchanges with Policy and Planning Bureau, Electric Power Industry Bureau of the Department of Energy of Philippines and National Grid Corporation of Philippines to collect a wealth of basic information for the following work.


According to the Memorandum of Understanding on Energy Cooperation signed by National Energy Administration of China and the Department of Energy of Philippines in 2017, the two sides would jointly draft up energy cooperation planning and push forward the demonstration projects. Entrusted by the NEA, EPPEI take charge of the planning research and coordination and assessment of demonstration projects.


Director of International Business Department and related personnel from Department of Power Engineering and Department of Power Grid Engineering participated in the relevant activities.

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