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Mr. Xu Xiaodong Visits Japan and Attends Smart Community Summit 2017

June 6th to June 10th, invited by Japan Coal Energy Center, Mr. Han Shui, Chief Engineer of China National Energy Administration (NEA), and Mr. Xu Xiaodong, Vice President of EPPEI, led a team to visit Japan and had a meeting on energy development and cooperation with Hirohide Hirai, Director-General of Agency for Natural Resources Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. After the meeting, the delegation attended Smart Community Summit 2017, organized by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization and Japan Smart Community Alliance. The summit focused on the latest progress on global energy storage battery, CHP, smart grid and distributed energy.


During the visit, NEA officers accompanied with EPPEI also paid a visit to Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station, Kawasaki Heavey Industries, Ltd and HORIBA Group, communicated on clean coal utilization, coal-fired pollutants emission control and monitoring technology, also on hydrogen production, storage and utilization.


Attending this visit, EPPEI collaborated with foreign counterparts on co-firing biomass with coal, fuel cell and coal-fired pollutants emission control, which helped increase the influence of EPPEI on international energy research field, enhanced the cooperation with JCOAL, and benefited the co-research with NEA on policy research and promotion of related technology in China.


Staff from Power Generation Engineering Department also attended this visit.

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