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EPPEI and IEA Sign Letter of Agreement on Mutual Cooperation

On 8th June, EPPEI and IEA signed letter of agreement in Beijing. Mr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of IEA and Mr. Xie Qiuye, President of EPPEI signed on the letter of agreement. Mr. An Fengquan, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department of the NEA, Ms. Rebecca Gaghen, Head of Communication and Information office, Mr. Yang Lei, special advisor to the director, Mr. Liang Zhengping, Executive Vice President of EPPEI, and Mr. Lyu Shiseng, Vice President of EPPEI attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was moderated by Mr. Liang Zhengping.


Mr. An Fengquan, Mr. Fatih Birol, and Mr. Xie Qiuye gave speeches respectively. Mr. An Fengquan congratulated the signing of letter of agreement between EPPEI and IEA on behalf of NEA. He stated after earnest research, on 31th May, NEA official approved EPPEI to be the supportive unit to the implementation of <NEA-IEA three year work program>. He hoped EPPEI do a good supportive work on the three year work program, hence to help promote the sustainable development and energy transition in China.



Mr. Fatih Birol recalled process of signing the three year work program with the NEA, and also highly appreciated EPPEI’s support. He stated the signing of the letter of agreement is the foundation of cooperation between IEA and EPPEI, and also was a milestone for the cooperation between IEA and China in energy sector.



Mr. Xie Qiuye gave sincerely thanks to the NEA and IEA on the trust and support to EPPEI. He stated EPPEI have the confidence and ability to support the three year work program, to help promote the communication, cooperation and collaboration between IEA and China energy industry, and to help China get more involved in the global energy development and treatment.



According to the letter of agreement, EPPEI will support the IEA on implementation of the three year work program. Based on the advantage in its working field, both sides are going to seek for cooperation on energy policy, energy transition, energy efficiency and energy market analysis, etc., deepen joint research, capacity building and training, visit between both side.




On the same day, the “IEA China Liaison Office” was officially listed in EPPEI. This liaison office will do the implementation work for the IEA’s three year work program, and will play an important role on the liaison function between IEA and different stakeholders in China energy sector.



Head of Administrative Department of the Presidency, Planning and Development Department, and International Business Department participated the signing ceremony.

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