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7th Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal Held in Beijing

On 7 & 8 June 2017, the 7th Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal was Held in Beijing. The workshop was hosted by the IEA Clean Coal Center (IEA CCC) and the Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute of China (EPPEI). Mr. Guo Wei, Deputy Director General of NEA, Dr. Andrew Minchener, General Manager of IEA CCC, and Mr. Sun Rui, Vice President of EPPEI, attended this workshop and presented a keynote speech. Nearly 300 experts and delegates from IEACCC members, well-known research institutions, colleges, universities and related enterprises attended this workshop.



DDG Guo Wei, on behalf of the NEA, expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the convening of this workshop and sincere welcome to the delegates. He pointed out that cofiring biomass with coal was an innovative power generation model, which had many important significance, including: conducive to promoting fossil energy substitution & increasing the clean energy supply, conducive to promoting the power industry, especially coal-fired power, low-carbon clean development, conducive to crack the straw field burning, sludge siege and other social governance problems. DDG Guo Wei also pointed out that China was generally in the initial stage in the field of cofiring biomass with coal, and all parties were needed to join and promote its development. He suggested that relevant Ministries should improve related supporting polices on electricity price, finance and taxation. It was suggested that the local government should do a good job of planning and management, power generation enterprises should actively participate firstly, and the recommended research institutions should increase the research efforts, continuously enhancing the economic and market competitiveness of cofiring biomass with coal power generation. In particular, DDG Guo Wei proposed that the EPPEI, as the “national team” for China's power planning and engineering sector, should strengthen the international technical exchanges and cooperation, and give more advice on the planning layout, policy research and technical support, and etc., for the government and enterprises.



At the opening ceremony, Dr. Andrew Minchener firstly expressed his welcome to the experts and representatives. Then he introduced the basic profile of the IEA CCC and the objectives of the work and the importance of this workshop.



Entrusted by the President Xie Qiuye, Mr. Sun Rui, as the representative of the workshop co-organizer EPPEI, expressed the warm welcome to the workshop delegates. He introduced the strategic objectives of the Chinese government on energy transformation in response to the global climate change and environmental protection, as well as the development of biomass power generation in China. He elaborated the advantages of cofiring biomass with coal, and looked forward to the future development prospects. Mr. Sun Rui introduced the work EPPEI carried out on the energy and power high-end consulting and other fields. He thanked all walks of life for their support and help to EPPEI. EPPEI would strive to provide a platform for communication and create good condition for the participants to carry out exchanges and cooperation. Mr. Sun Rui looked forward to working together with the experts to the development of cofiring biomass with coal power generation.



At the workshop, Mr. Sun Rui made a keynote report entitled “Development Prospects of Co-firing Biomass with Coal in China”. This report expounded the significance of developing cofiring biomass with coal from the aspects of China's energy development strategy and greenhouse gas control requirements, and summarized the development status of biomass power generation in China and prospects the future development space. The report compared the multiple advantages of the cofiring biomass with coal to the pure biomass-fired power generation, the typical technical route and management mode of cofiring biomass with coal power generation are introduced respectively. The report recommended that the government should clarify the price policy of cofiring biomass with coal power generation and carry out the project demonstration as soon as possible, and speed up the technological development process through international exchanges and cooperation.


The workshop was focused on the engineering experience, incentive policies, biomass treatment technology, and the future development of related technologies of cofiring biomass with coal power generation.

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