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Study on Power Planning

  Up to now, EPPEI has developed advanced techniques in power planning information collection and has accumulated massive power planning data, both of which have been playing an important role in the planning research work. In recent 10 years, EPPEI has accomplished over 200 major research topics about power planning, making great contribution to the scientific development of electric power industry.



Main Achievements:
● Study on China's long-term electricity demand trends.
● Study on overseas grid projects for Kazakhstan etc.
● Study on long-term electric power development in Guangxi.
● Study on sustainable development of the coal-fired power generation.
● Study on peak load shifting measures for China's power grid.
● Study on the bottleneck in Sichuan power system for further development.
● Study on national power grid planning in the 12th Five-Year Plan.
● Study on the implementation details of encouraging and guiding private investment in power sector.
● Planning and consulting for Ghana's national electric power development.
● Comprehensive analysis of power balance in China.
● Study on the efficiency improvement and retrofitting for fossil fuel units in the 12th Five-Year Plan.
● Study on the technical policy on the centralized and distributed natural gas-fired power generation.
● Study on the standards for nuclear power plant construction.
● Study on geological exploration technology, geological disaster and water conservation issues for UHV transmission projects.
● Research on power project cost trends.
● Estimating critical unit price of standard coal in various regions according to the current on-grid benchmark prices for coal-fired power units.
● Research on depreciable life of power projects.
● Research on grid evaluation system.
● Power system planning and research for Guangxi province.
● Research on energy base in Southwestern China.
● Medium-term and Long-term load forecasting and analysis on electric power balance.
● Nationwide coal-fired power tariff analysis.
● Research on the layout of the thermal power projects alongside the coal channel of West Inner Mongolia to Central Railway.
● Research on the emission and utilization of CO2 in electric power industry.
● Research on the roadmap and measures for improving the efficiency of fossil fuel units
● Research on development planning in the 10th, 11th, and 12th Five-Year Plan for China's electric power industry.
● Planning of the electric power delivery from West to East China.
● Planning for the national grid interconnection.
● Planning for power delivery from large power generation bases.
● Development planning of large electric power enterprises.
● Transmission system planning of Myanmar Hydropower Station.
● Planning and Study of the national energy technology in 12th Five-Year Plan.
● The 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan for the power grids development in southern China, and the medium- and long-term power system planning
● Research on the electric power development for large electric power enterprises.
● Issues related to the consumption of the electricity generated by hydropower stations in Southwest China and stations in adjacent countries.
● Research on the total power capacity to be installed and power structure in China for medium-and long-term.
● Power transmission planning of the cascade hydropower stations in the upstream of Lancang River.
● Research on the power transmission system in the upstream of Jinsha River.
● Research on the 10GW wind power transmission system in Hebei.
● Research on the development mode and implementation schemes of Smart Grid.
● Planning for the gas-fired power generation in the 12th Five-Year Plan.
● Research on the medium-and long-term power delivery from the West to the East, and on the planning of national grid interconnection.
● Cases studies on the planning for power load forecasting, power planning, clean and efficient thermal power, nuclear power, power tariff, etc.

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