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Electric Power Projects Consultation

Engineering Evaluation
  EPPEI is authorized by NDRC to implement engineering consultation and evaluation for investment projects required of government examination and approval. The services include consultation and evaluation for the project proposals, feasibility study report, and project application report. Besides, EPPEI also provides consultation for development planning of electric power industry and other related issues. In recent years, EPPEI has accomplished the evaluation of dozens of projects entrusted by NDRC.


Engineering Consultation and Evaluation
  EPPEI provides consulting service to the investors/project owners, financial institutions, and the Government, including engineering consultation and evaluation on pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, preliminary design, biding documents, and post-evaluation. In the last two years EPPEI has done the evaluation for over 300 thermal power projects, with a total capacity of 200GW; it has also done the evaluation work for 170 power transmission/transformation projects with voltage level of 220kV or above, totaling 13,265 km in transmission line length, and 168,430MVA of substation capacity. About 10 billion RMB has been saved by EPPEI for the investors.


Consultation and Evaluation on Power Planning
  EPPEI provides engineering consultation and evaluation services to project owners in areas of regional electric power development planning, electric power system planning and design, power access to grid system design, and secondary system planning for power grid, etc. Over the past two years, EPPEI has completed the evaluation on 11th Five-Year Plan and power system planning in 2020 for China northwest, northeast and east regional power grids.


Consultation and Evaluation on Nuclear Power
  Entrusted by the Government and nuclear power enterprises, EPPEI provides the engineering consultation and evaluation service in the areas of nuclear power plant site planning, site selection, overall design, and conventional island design, etc. Over the past two years, EPPEI has participated in the revision of the "China Medium and Long-Term Nuclear Power Development and Planning", completed the "Research of the Nuclear Power Plant Site Selection Issues" and "Evaluation Report of the Coastal Nuclear Power Plant Site Selection", and organized the compilation of the nuclear power plant construction standards.

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