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Standardization of China’s Electric Power Industry

  Guided by the principles promulgated by the administrative department in charge of national standardization, China's Electric Power Planning and Engineering Standards Management Center and its four Standardization Technical Committees are in charge of the following work: research on industrial standard system; training of compiling standards; review of standard outline and draft for examination; submitting completed standards to higher authorities for approval, publishing industrial standards issued by NEA; publicity and implementation of industrial standard; and collection of information and feedback of industrial standard application.

  At present, 281 standards being implemented are managed by the Standards Management Center and another 118 standards are being compiled/ revised. Among them, 49 standards being implemented and 8 standards under compilation/revision are directly managed by the Committee of Power System Planning; 148 and 53 standards by the Committee of Power Generation Design; 75 and 36 standards by the Committee of Power Grid Design; 48 and 21 standards related design, construction commissioning and supervision of project by the Committee of Technical Economy for Thermal Power Generation and Power Grid.

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