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  By the end of July 2013, EPPEI has a staff of 183, among which 74 are professorate senior engineers, 59 are senior engineers, and 50 are with medium technical titles or below. 50.8% of the staff are registered engineers. 60 of the personnel are with PhD degree and 47 with Master's degree.

  As a knowledge-intensive consulting institute, EPPEI has built up a strong technical team in echelon formation, with professionals covering all disciplines of electric power. Up to now, EPPEI has 3 National Survey & Design Masters, 1 young expert with National Outstanding Contribution Award, 3 experts enjoying special government subsidy, 1 expert entitled "New Century Talent", 5 extra-grade specialists, 11 specialists, and 11 young specialists. Owing to such a high quality technical team, EPPEI has ensured its leading position in the field of high-end policy consultation.


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