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Scientific Research Results
  Together with relevant electric power design institutes, EPPEI has undertaken the research work on the key electric power technologies and the digestion and application of introduced technologies, including the design technology of UHV AC and DC power transmission and transformation; design technology of smart grid; design technology of high parameter and large-capacity power plant; design technology of nuclear power generation; new technologies of energy saving and environment friendly materials etc.


 Achievements in Standardization
  EPPEI has been for a long time in charge of the compilation and management of standards for the electric power planning and design industry. It has organized and undertaken the compilation of about 200 national / industrial standards such as: Code for Design of Large/Medium Sized Fossil Fuel Power Plant, Code for Design of 1000kV Overhead Transmission Line, Code for Design of ±800kV DC Overhead Transmission Line, etc.


Science and Technology Awards
  In recent years, EPPEI has won 26 Technology Progress Awards issued respectively by the State, Provinces and Ministries, and among them the Key Technology, Equipment, and Engineering Application of UHV AC Transmission won the top-grade prize of 2012 National Award for National Science and Technology Progress. Moreover, EPPEI has won 28 National Consultation Achievement Awards and 2 National Excellent Project Awards.



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